About Us

It all began in Montreal in 1981 when Chef Michel Lachapelle and his wife Monique founded Plats du Chef. The company specialized in making chef quality appetizers such as Escargots en Brioche for local grocers. Because of the exceptionally high quality of these original products, the Plats du Chef business mushroomed and by 1994 the company was an internationally successful frozen food manufacturer making signature products such as French Onion Soup and Pizzettas, both of which remain best sellers.

Today Plats du Chef operates SQF, level 3 certified production facilities in Montreal and Toronto, producing frozen food products for a number of business channels. Our branded Cuisine Adventures products are sold in Club, Grocery and Mass Market retailers and our private label customer list includes North America’s top tier grocers. Through broadline and specialty distributors, Plats du Chef sells unique foodservice products. And, under contract, we also manufacture products for other CPG companies who want to expand their consumer offerings.

Our Team

Plats du Chef is owned by C.H. Guenther & Son, Inc.. Day-to day operations are carried out by a team of experienced, food and innovation focused business people.