Stephane Koeman
Vice-President, Sales

IMG_4731Strategic thinking; a firm grasp of team dynamics; motivational instincts; and, a relentless commitment to achieving goals are desirable qualities in leaders of all kinds. Stephane Koeman began honing these skills at an early age as captain of both his varsity high school and college football teams and he hasn’t stopped yet. After more than 12 years with Plats du Chef, Stephane has risen through the sales and marketing ranks to become the captain and quarterback of our sales team. His broad range of career experience makes him a dynamic sales leader who understands the needs of North American food channels including grocery, foodservice, club and mass market.

Q: Why have you chosen to make your career in the food industry?

SK: There are a few reasons. My father is a European trained chef (Dutch) and I grew up working in different kitchens and restaurants; I think those early exposures led to my personal love of food. I also really enjoy developing my knowledge of the food business. Figuring out what makes a product successful; how the item is affected by trends; and, how the brand appeals to the end users is really interesting to me.

Q: What’s the best part of your job?

SK: Business development. I get a real thrill when my team lands or closes any type of new business.

Q: Do you have a signature dish or favorite type of food to make at home?

SK: Anything Asian! I love exotic flavors whether they are Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, etc… Experimenting with new Asian ingredients is really appealing to me. Sometimes my experiments result in amazing meals but then there are the other times that they don’t and my family ends up eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Q: What’s your favorite Plats du Chef product?

SK: Our Chicken Pho Soup is just a great tasting product and fits in with my love for Asian cuisine. On the classic side, I think our Mozzarella sticks are the best you can buy in North America.