What the heck is a Cuisine Adventure anyways?

Cuisine Adventures is a broad term. For some people it’s eating a meal purchased from a Hanoi street vender while for others, trying a new vegetable or adding hot sauce to a bowl of chili creates a memorable eating event. For our product development team, Cuisine Adventures are found in foods that take you to new flavor destinations or out of the ordinary to the healthier, tastier food options you crave.

What makes Cuisine Adventures products different from other frozen foods?

The Cuisine Adventures product line was founded by a professional chef and today our team still includes classically trained chefs and accredited food scientists who love to cook and eat. We start with fresh, wholesome ingredients and duplicate the same quality you’d strive for if you were cooking at home yourself. Then, we flash freeze each item to ensure that you enjoy freshly prepared taste that is always as good - or better! - than homemade.

Where can I buy Cuisine Adventures products?

Cuisine Adventures products are sold at most Costco stores in the United States and Canada as well as at some chain grocers. Use our Store Finder to find them near you.

What can I do if Cuisine Adventures products aren’t sold at my local store?

Thanks for asking! We’re very happy you want to have access to our products. Print out a product request form and  we'll make sure it gets to the people who make decisions about the products sold in your local store. You can also ask your store manager for our products if you're feeling chatty. 

Where are Cuisine Adventures products made?

All of our products are made in Canada. We have three production facilities that when combined equal approximately 195,000 square feet of space. Our head office and largest production facility is located in Dollard des Ormeaux, just outside of Montreal, Quebec. We have two additional facilities in Vaughan, a Toronto, Ontario suburb.

Where can I find cooking instructions for Cuisine Adventures products?

Cooking instructions for Cuisine Adventure products can be found on the back panel of the display packaging for each product. However, if you no longer have the box, you can also find the instructions here on our website. Just choose the right item on the product page and follow the links.

Where can I find the nutritional information or ingredients used to make Cuisine Adventures products?

All the information about the nutrient content and ingredients used in Cuisine Adventure products can be found on the back panel of the display packaging for each product. However, if you no longer have the box, you can also find the instructions here on our website. Just choose the right item on the product page and follow the links.

Can I microwave your products?

Many of our products are not only microwaveable but designed to be ideal when cooked in the microwave. You can get more details about recommended cooking instructions on each individual product page.

Can I order Cuisine Adventures products directly from you or online?

Our products are not currently available via mail order or online commerce.

How do I ask you a question or register a complaint?

Please visit our Contact Us page for information on how to communicate with us.

Can I send you a recipe idea or usage suggestion?

Yes! Many people show us how they integrate our products into their everyday lives by sending us pictures and messages on Facebook.

Can you give me the recipe for one of your products?

Sorry no. Our recipes are written for very big batches and to change them into consumer friendly sizes is not possible.

Who Owns Cuisine Adventures?

Cuisine Adventures is the name of the branded product line made by Plats du Chef. Plats du Chef is owned by C.H. Guenther & Son, Inc..

How do you maintain a high level of quality in the ingredients you purchase from outside suppliers?

We conduct ongoing reviews of our suppliers and work only with suppliers who can meet the highest standards of international food safety.

What sustainability programs does your company follow?

We are working towards achieving Ethical Sourcing Certification which covers both social and environmental compliance.  Beyond this initiative we have other longstanding environmental programs in place. For instance, we have systems that ensure that all the paper waste generated in our processing is appropriately segregated and recycled.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Our retail boxes and the plastic trays we use to pack many snack and appetizer items are all recyclable in most North American municipalities.

How do I know if the product I have in my freezer is still safe to eat?

On the side panel of each of our retail boxes you will find a printed date code that indicates the best before use date for the food inside the box.

Are Cuisine Adventures products gluten free?

We take steps to clean our equipment and work areas thoroughly between the making of different products; however, at this time we cannot make a gluten free claim on any of our products including items that are made with gluten-free ingredients. All products containing added gluten are indicated as such in the ingredient statement.

Are Cuisine Adventures products nut-free?

We do not add any peanuts or tree nuts to our products. Likewise, all Cuisine Adventures products feature allergen statements when necessary. For instance, if an item contains a common allergen, it will be noted on the back of the box beneath the ingredient list. Please note:  if you suffer from anaphylactic reactions, we recommend you consult with your Health Care practitioner before eating a product with an allergen warning.

How can I get a job working for your company?

Please visit our Careers page to find out how to submit your resume and see what job openings we currently have posted.

What’s the Plats du Chef story? When did you start making food products?

Plats du Chef was founded in Montreal in 1981 by Chef Michel Lachapelle and his wife Monique. They specialized in making chef quality foods such as Escargots en Brioche for local grocers. Because their products were exceptionally high quality, the business, facilities and product line grew. By 1994 the company was internationally recognized and making signature products such as French Onion Soup which remains popular today.

Do you make private label products?

Yes. We make private label products for some of North America’s best known grocers. You can find out more about our capabilities by visiting the Private Label section of this website.

Do you offer products suitable for foodservice operators?

We have many products formulated and designed for various types of foodservice applications. These products are generally sold through broad line and speciality distributors. You can find out more about our foodservice capabilities and offerings on the Foodservice section of this website.

Does your company provide contract manufacturing services?

We work with many well-known brands as a contract manufacturer. More information about these services is available on this page of our website.

What food safety programs and designations do you have?

We are very proud of our food safety and quality assurance programs. Please click here for a full list of our credentials and accomplishments in this area.