How do you maintain a high level of quality in the ingredients you purchase from outside suppliers?

We conduct ongoing reviews of our suppliers and work only with suppliers who can meet the highest standards of international food safety.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Our retail boxes and the plastic trays we use to pack many snack and appetizer items are all recyclable in most North American municipalities.

What’s the Plats du Chef story? When did you start making food products?

Plats du Chef was founded in Montreal in 1981 by Chef Michel Lachapelle and his wife Monique. They specialized in making chef quality foods such as Escargots en Brioche for local grocers. Because their products were exceptionally high quality, the business, facilities and product line grew. By 1994 the company was internationally recognized and making signature products such as French Onion Soup which remains popular today.

How can I get a job working for your company?

Please visit our Careers page to find out how to submit your resume and see what job openings we currently have posted.

Do you make private label products?

Yes. We make private label products for some of North America’s best known grocers. You can find out more about our capabilities by visiting the Private Label section of this website.

Does your company provide contract manufacturing services?

We work with many well-known brands as a contract manufacturer. More information about these services is available on this page of our website.

Do you offer products suitable for foodservice operators?

We have many products formulated and designed for various types of foodservice applications. These products are generally sold through broad line and speciality distributors. You can find out more about our foodservice capabilities and offerings on the Foodservice section of this website.